My Mother has not made any arrangements for her funeral and doesn't want to discuss it.  She is in Memory Care/ Assisted living now. The Elder Law attorney advised me to get the funeral paid for before she has to apply for Medicaid.  Any ideas on how to get Mom to discuss the arrangements with me?

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Jules63, I agree with Sunnygirl above, that your Mom is not able to understand what needs to be done regarding a funeral.

Who is Mom's financial Power of Attorney? That person would be the one to set up the plans and pre-paid for the funeral.

If there is no POA, then the family would need to chip in to pay for the funeral. One could ask Mom if she has a cemetery plot.... some people purchase one so long ago they have forgotten about it. If Mom did purchase same, she should a Deed to that plot. You could call the nearby cemeteries to see if by chance Mom had already purchased a plot.

If your Mom was part of your Dad's life most of her adult life, did Dad have a cemetery plot? Some cemeteries will allow an urn to be buried in that same plot.

Otherwise, the family will just have to do the best they can, and try to have a funeral that they think Mom would have wanted.
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Are you legally authorized to make arrangements on her behalf? Often people who are in Memory Care are not able to make their own arrangements. It could be that she just not not able and not that she is refusing.
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