I volunteer at a nursing home/ assisted living facility in Washington, DC where many residents (about 50) need/want a photo ID non-drivers License. The logistics of getting all the residents to the DMV in walkers, wheel chairs, not to mention the nursing assistance that need to accompany them will be a nightmare. Is there a feasibility of having a Photo tech come to the nursing home to take photos of the residents? The nursing home would make sure that all of the proper paperwork would be completed. The visit by one of DVMs photo technicians would be performed as a courtesy service for the elderly disabled population in DC.

Contact the DMV they often will have a program where they will come to a Senior Center and do photo ID's.
Not sure they would do this in a private facility but if you have or hold Support Group meetings and open the DMV event to the public they might do it.
Can't hurt to call. It might be best to contact the Secretary of State office rather than your local DMV as I think things like this would be organized through the Sec. of State office. (Great positive political press for the Sec. of State office)
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We live in Ohio and when I emailed our DMV because hubby is bedridden and needs a photo I,d,, I was told they have a photographer who will actually come out and take photos. I’m assuming they would also bring any forms that need to be filled out. Maybe you could arrange with your DMV for something like that.
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Call the DMV.
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