My dads bathroom issues are a nightmare for us. He wears briefs for "backup". But he's cognitive enough that he will get up to use the bathroom. He used to stand but would stand so far away he would of course miss. Now he sits but I will usually stand outside and coach him while he's on the toilet.
* pull briefs all the way down
* sit farther back on the toilet
* tuck it down (talking about or referencing my dads penis is so so so gross...)
* run the bidet, spread your butt cheeks to make sure water hits it

Etc etc. I can't sit up all night waiting for him to have to pee, which coincidentally, seems to happen more so at night for some reason. Without proper guidance, my dad does really goofy things in the bathroom at night which just means, more work for me first thing in the morning, before I've even had my coffee. Ugh.

This ones my favorite! He gets up, walks to the bathroom, pull down the diapers, grab his rail so he doesnt fall and then proceeds to pee all over the floor with him standing with his BACK to the toilet. Like have gone through all that motion just to pee on the floor. I dont get it. Why not just sit and pee in the brief??
Anywho, I'm on the verge of losing my sanity and turning into a full fledge alcoholic. Anyone have any tips or tricks that I can use to get my bathroom to STOP smelling like a truck stop gas station from my fathers horrible bathroom non-skills.

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What about using a urinal, he won't feel like a child going in his pants and at least it won't be on the floor.
Aside from the parkinson's your dad sounds as though he has some cognitive decline, I think he needs someone to actually be in the bathroom guiding and supervising, not calling instructions from outside the door. This is the line that many family caregivers won't cross.
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I know that it’s very difficult to tell a man that he is no longer able to successfully use the toilet, but it’s become necessary for you or your husband or your brother if you have one, to have that talk with your dad. Be kind, but be firm. You will have to be frank and honest with him. He will argue and be embarrassed, but you need to stick to your guns. Even though you scrub and scrub, what he’s doing is still unsanitary and yep...just plain gross. And, if he is having issues orientating himself in the bathroom, I would be afraid he’d wind up in another room entirely or lose his balance and fall.

My husband ruined two bathroom floors before my son and I were able to convince him he needed to sit and then to wear incontinence briefs. I was mortified when guests used our bathroom because I knew it smelled like urine. It was embedded in the floor tiles and no amount of scrubbing,even with bleach, would remove the odor.
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