I went to show mom a picture of my child on my cell phone. She grabbed the phone and tried to take a bite... Guess she was hungry.

So, I gave her a real snack :)

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My mom and I were having dinner at a local restaurant and we were discussing summer plans. I reminded her that my brother's birthday was coming up. She was quiet, frowning for a minute, then asked "How old is he going to be?" I told her he would be 60. She gave a big sigh and said "So that's all I have to look forward to now? Being the mother of a bunch of old people?"
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Kittybee Apr 2019
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I gave Luz a handkerchief because the food we were about to eat would usually make her nose run. She put it on her head, still folded, and wore it that way the rest of the evening.
I use my hankie to wipe her nose while she wore hers as a folded head cover.
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DesertGrl53 Apr 2019
I love this. I hope you share more memories of your Luz!
My wife, Christy does not seemingly comprehend or communicate.
I often call her "booger', then ask, "do you know why I call you booger?".
"Because I picked you.
One day, as she was pacing and growling, I said "Hey booger!"
She paused and said "pick".
That one fleeting moment was worth everything to me.
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My brother got early onset dementia. He couldn't really communicate efficiently anymore. He would still drive a mile to see Mom. One day I asked him where they went. He drew a big circle and a smaller one inside, and pointed at the center. I replied, You went to TARGET !
I got it right.
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I was cleaning out some of my mom's fabrics from one of those plastic drawer things. A drawer got stuck, I was pulling really hard and Mom says "just kick it"! I looked at her and we burst out laughing. and Yes I kicked it and it opened. LOL
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Mom is having trouble swallowing. Before I found out she was having trouble from the swallow study, she would often wait until we are not looking (so she thinks) and either slide it over to her hubby, try to hold it in her hand, or sneak it into her paper towel. We would go busted! She would laugh and say I thought yall weren’t looking.

Too many to tell actually.

Dad sings wherever he goes or talks to himself. So we always laugh and ask whom we was singing or talking too. He would say myself or Jesus and laugh. I think the funniest one with him was when my daughter was showing him her new drone she had gotten for Christmas. Well it was coming toward him and I guess he thought it was going to get him and he let out a loud squeal. Never heard him scream so loud.
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I told this little story in another thread. My 91 year old mom and I were walking (verrry slowly) back to her AL place after her hair appointment, and a little leaf suddenly blew along the street in front of her. She said, "oh, hello!" and waved at it. It made both of us laugh.
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:) Yes, this always makes me laugh...One day my mother had to go to a bridal shower, so she lay out her blouse on the bed. And my father was so used to her laying out his clothes for the day that he attempted to put it on. He then walked into the kitchen and said "is THIS what you want me to wear?!" I almost spit out my pancakes...LOL

Then one day we were dining at a casino in atlantic city, and he asked the waiter for a Coke. and the waiter goes "Do you want liquid or Powder?" and my father looked at him funny and said "Why, it comes in powder too?" Soda came flying out of my mother's nose!

He always had the personality of a "Kid in a candy store" which is what I loved most about him. Lots of little things gave him the biggest joy...One day my husband visited him from work when he was at rehab, and he started playing with his Badge! He was pulling it, reading his name, pointing to it, and all of a sudden it snapped back, and he jumped and then let out a hearty laugh, because he wasn't expecting it.

There are so many memories...that will always make me smile.
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Okay Desertgrl53 here is another one.
Luz was getting careless while eating and some food either got onto her shirt or the floor or both. So I started putting a napkin on her to help keep her clean. I told her I was going to get her a bib.
Well we have this little decorative thing hanging on the fridge and I always thought it was some sort of kitchen towel.
One day Luz started wearing this thing since it had a string on it to tie it with. She put that thing around her neck and started wearing it all of the time. It turns out that it was in fact a bib that she had bought some where. And I let her wear it around the house and in public if she wanted.
That lasted just over a week then, she quit wearing it. I should have taken a picture of her wearing it.

There are other stories, when I remember them.
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Oh, Mayday, what a great thread! I haven't such good laughs in a long time. When we were growing up, Mom would help us little kids up in the car or truck with an "Up, fanny!"

Well, the tables had turned, and when I'd give Mom a boost into my truck, I'd have to give her bottom a push up with an "Up, fanny!" My back-east-formal would feint shock, "What did you say!?" We'd repeat it all.

We'd end up laughing so much it was REALLY hard to get her up in the truck!
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