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Call the area on aging in your county and ask what services are available.

If your mother has traditional Medicare she might have access to Home Health in your state. Go to the Medicare website and look up home health for your area. Call one of the ones that has the highest rating and ask them to come out and evaluate your mother for their services. If she qualifies, her dr will have to write a prescription saying she needs this care. It basically consists of a visit once a week where the nurse takes your mothers vitals, asks her health related questions, sets up her medication and interfaces with her dr.
They can do routine bloodwork, check for UTI etc. This is usually about a 20 to 30 min visit once a week. They can also arrange for an aid to come a couple of times during the week to bath your mom, change her sheets, shampoo her hair. Comb her hair, trim her nails, things of this nature. Some of the Medicare policies apparently do not cover HH as some on this site claim they can't get it. You just have to speak with them and see if your moms policy has this coverage and what your state covers. Additionally they can help coordinate PT and OT as needed.

If your mom doesn't have Medicare and is on Medicaid she can receive even more care is my understanding. I have not dealt with Medicaid.

If your mom is on Medicare and needs more help than HH can provide, you will have to have private paid assistance. If she can't afford to pay for extra help, ask the social worker with area on aging how to start that process.
There are also adult day cares in some areas where seniors can spend time.
Also, meals on wheels is available in most locations and can provide a lunch weekdays and snacks for the weekends.

The more detailed information you share, the easier it is for someone to tell you about the services that might be of benefit for your mom.
I hope this helps.
Oh and if you are needing a break, some NH offer respite care for a fee. This allows you to get away for a few days.
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Call the Area Agency on Aging to find out what mom may qualify for.
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