Are there any face-to-face supports groups for those of us who live in Bakersfield, CA?


I would benefit from talking with others who are caregivers for a spouse. Mine is declining, and more and more tasks are falling to me. He is still able to understand everything and talk, dress himself, even do the dishes, but is very weak and has trouble remembering what is going on each day. He is on dialysis.
I have diverticular disease and a hiatal hernia, so I don't feel as well as I would like, but I need to keep his spirits up.

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Your best bet is you contact your county department of aging to see if they have a list of support groups

Face to face support groups aren't that easy to find because caregivers rarely have any free time to attend a meeting.... that means getting a sitter for their love one. I live in the Washington DC burbs and I can't find a group that is close enough for me to attend.

The best support group is right here on Aging Care with the forums. We help each other out, thus you don't need to wait for that next monthly meeting to ask questions :) And we are world-wide so we get a lot of good ideas.
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