My husband is in memory care and has been on Seroquel for 6 months for behavioral issues, primarily extreme anxiety, hallucinations, and paranoia. The doctor is suggesting that he may switch him to zyprexa because he is becoming increasingly agitated and disruptive, even when he receives Xanax to calm him down during an episode. I would like to read comments from others who have experienced their loved one being put on this medication. Thanks for your comments.

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He is the doctor with experience with the med. For side effects you can look on drug websites. Let the doctor give it a try. Every elder person is different so medications can change over time. Remember that disruptive behavior changes might require a memory care eviction to a different more appropriate facility. Is issue is evolving and his doctor is trying to be proactive.
I am wondering if you hear too many negative comments would you choose to refuse against medical advice?
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The doctors get most of their pharmaceutical knowledge from the drug salespeople. Sometimes they are compensated by the companies for prescribing new drugs to their patients. Oxycontin was famously marketed to physicians as a non addictive pain relief- when the company knew very well it was highly addictive. It is very unwise to take a "doctor knows best" attitude about new medications. I would absolutely avoid a new medication if I read many negative comments about it.
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