Hi, everyone. I spent almost 45 minutes today speaking with a very nice lady from Medicaid. I’m trying to figure out if I want to apply for a Medicaid Waiver for my husband.

She explained to me how it works and how to set it up. The amount we would have to deposit each month is about $100 less than what his medically-related expenses are; including Medigap and Part D. She said it would also cover his copays for medications and incontinence supplies. Apparently it would even cover DME. But I wonder if it would really be worth it. The amount needed for the trust each month would really beggar us. Not certain it’s doable or worth it.

My question is, what if his expenses exceed the amount I would deposit in the trust account? Who covers that, how do I file for reimbursement?

I’m really trying to understand this and whether it would be worth it to open the trust. Another couple hundred out of our SS check is not doable if it would wind up being cheaper just to keep paying out of pocket for his stuff.

Explanations, experiences and advice much appreciated, as usual. Thank you!

Yes, Lizzy, unfortunately we are. There’s lots of information on starting a Qualified Income Trust for LTC in a nursing home, but unfortunately not a lot for LTC at home. I understand that I’d need to open an QIT checking account at Huntington Bank and in-person deposit the money required there each month. I would need to call his Medigap and Part D providers and have those autopays deducted from that account rather than our account now. When he needs incontinence supplies, I would write a check from that account. I would also write a check for his medications. All these would overdraw the account. So, if we are approved for a Medicaid Waiver, I’m wondering how I’d get the extra money. I’m hoping that the bank can explain to me how it works. Thanks for your help!
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lizzywho61 Aug 10, 2018
I thought it sounded like two different scenarios.

So sorry I can’t be of help.
Joy, what state are you in?
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Ahmijoy Aug 10, 2018
Ohio, Barb.

We set up a Miller Trust to get Mom Medicaid eligible for Long Term Care in a Nursing Home. Mom’s income was approx $200 over the Income Limit. Social Security plus State Retirement.

The Income overage just passed from Moms checking account into Miller Trust checking account. A check had then be written from the Miller checking account for the overage amount straight to the Nursing Home. The Miller Trust checking account had to be zeroed out each month.

If you are trying to get your DH Medicaid eligible for a Nursing Home And using the Miller Trust to deal with an income overage I can provide more details.

You mentioned a waiver. There were no waivers available for my Mom. We may be talking about two different types of scenarios.
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