I have been trying to get my mom in rehab for almost two weeks. You usually get admitted from the hospital. However, my mom is in need of rehab in-pt but doesn't need a hospital visit. I talked to woman at rehab and she needed to request records from pcp. I never heard back so left message last Wednesday. No call still. Call Friday and her voicemail states she went on vacay. Perfect!!! She left another contact who did have the courtesy to call me back and she is going to check on paperwork. I just didn't think there would be this many hoops to jump through! My mom is really struggling getting up. We luckily hadn't had any falls for like five months but I know when she gets weak with mobility that usually happens more frequently. Has anyone done this way of in patient rehab for a parent? I was told her Dr. Can fill out paperwork to get her in but doesn't have authority to directly admit her. I bet they wouldn't have so many ER visits if they made it a little more accessible!! Thanks for any tips, advice, or your experience:)

Has your mom done any at home PT? I'm actually kind of surprised her doctor didn't start with that route, first. You might want to ask her doctor if that would be an easier way to get her admitted to a facility, starting her at home and having the PT person say that she needs to go into a facility. Just might be an avenue to pursue. Hopefully someone else here can give you something more definitive.
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DianneKK Jun 14, 2021
Thanks for reply!! I added more information because your great question reminded me I left out some key details:) Have a blessed night and Thank you for all you do💜
Yes, that's a great question!! Before more read my question. Yes, we have had in home PT. Many, many times. Three times within last 6-9 months. They just don't make enough progress with her or quick enough in my mom's opinion! After she has the in home she only does fairly well for a month or two and it's right back to bad mobility. She uses a walker for all her movement and I should mention she has advanced lung disease that requires oxygen 24/7. She has been more down lately because she can't do anything and as of now I only get her out twice a month because it's so hard on her. Great suggestion! He would have never agreed to in PT without prior stents with in home. He is a great and very involved pcp, so I just hope I can get her in soon! I really want her to enjoy some of the summer since I don't know how much time I have left with her. I took her to lung specialist recently and he doesn't tell us where she is in her disease or Anything!! Mom told him how her lungs hurt sometimes and he didn't even reply!!! Not involved at all. We were there to requalify for oxygen but I'd expect more bedside manner and information!!! I guess I should have ask some direct questions but I was too scared. Anyways thank you guys and big hug and thank you for all you do!! Your all true Angels🙌💜
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I wish that I knew the answer. My mom did rehab after a hospital stay. Before that we had home health. We actually had home health several times. Rehab is more intense in a facility. It’s a workout! Mom did improve with home health and rehab in the nursing home. She had mobility issues due to Parkinson’s disease. She did the program in her 90’s. She recently died at age 95.

I hope your mom receives help soon. All the best to you and your mom.
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From everything I have run into this far - Mom could only go to an inpatient rehab straight from the hospital or sometimes within maybe 30 days of a hospital stay and if not it would be in home health therapies. There is some insurance acceptance that they have to be considered “admitted” for 3 nights and 4 days to be transferred to inpatient. Yes like you said ridiculous and would cut down on ER visits.
So I believe (and not positive if there are some circumstances that a dr would have to be specific about) that unless ur admitted you are only eligible for in home therapy or your dr could also write up a script for outpatient therapy. You can start with in home and move to outpatient locally or start directly with outpatient - you would have to discuss with the dr where you would like to start - if mobility is an issue then get her stronger with in home and then transition to an outpatient.
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