Will the amount of protest or fear standing up be exactly the same in a home environment with a kind family caregiver or visiting caregiver vs the same action to stand up but in a memory care unit or nursing home or assisted living with a kind caregiver? Is that initial 15 seconds of fear standing up the same no matter where an elderly person with behavioral issue resides?

If I wait for the right time and coax and use various strategies to get my mom to stand up from bed or the chair or the toilet, she will eventually stand up with ease on her own without frustration or difficulty. It is when we need to get up when she does not want to or is not ready, that she protests or can't connect her brain to her legs to stand up. Sometimes she has the movement to attempt to stand and it does not happen. Is this the same in a clinical enviornment or ALF? I sometimes use some favorite food or a new drink or redirect the energy, or I have my son pop his head into the bathroom to say "hi grandma!"... that will help to shift things momentarily but it does not always work anymore.

But when her motivation and intention is present, she can get up with ease without me having to do much work to raise her. She is like an elevator rising up. There is no diagnosis for my mom. But she has balance issue, a little occassional shake in her right hand. Her toes curl under a little bit. She can easily bump a corner when walking and fall. But I am always next to her and take very good care and use a gait belt. I have a little experience with being a caregiver but not enough so I am hiring helpers and some of them all say you have to lift her fast and if she yells, that is normal. But when I take my time, she doesnt yell. I just have to go round and round and get her changed in bed, sit her up, give her drink, food, put on her favorite shows, and keep trying to get the right moment when she wants to get up without the feeling of falling. I rather be quick and be done in 15 seconds but not if this is going to create a negative relationship. At least until I have better structure. What are they doing in a clinical enviornment in this case? A nurse friend said she took her time with her mom and when it got too much she put her in a very nice local ALF but they put her on siloquil and her mom could not recognize her ever again.

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