You may remember my bane with mom is changing her diapers. It's torture for her, swear to God. Roll left, roll right, lay on your back, oops! roll over again, other side. OMG!!! There's something wrong with me. I do finally get them on, but Lordy!!!!!

The hospice nurse gave me a wonderful idea, though. For peeing. Before you fasten the diaper, slip in a maxipad. After you've slipped it slightly under your loved one, rip off some of the wax paper protecting the sticky part and press it down so it'll stay in place.

Check when you can . . . remove the maxi, clean up a little with a Baby Wipe, sprinkle some powder, and put in a new one. This has saved mom much torture. 'Course it doesn't work for BM's, but still . . .

Just thought I'd share.

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Yes putting poise ultra overnight long maxi pads inside diapers has worked very well for me too. It's very easy to change a wet maxi pad and put on a fresh one. Attends makes these insert pads, they are very large and used mostly by women who've had babies. They are typically used with mesh underwear. I've been wearing them inside diapers, they work extremely well and are comfortable inside diapers too. They are made for women who've had babies and you can buy them on my fiancé wore them for a while after she had our son. I began wearing them for my incontinence because they are comfortable and work fantastically.
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Nice of you to share!
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