My mother, 90 yr old with dementia, who I am primary caregiver, punched me in boob & I recently had mammo & Sono on that boob as a 6 month follow up. It was still hurting from that exam & she punched me there. I wanted to give her the cough meds & she didn’t want to take it...she was coughing from being sick ...has been on antibiotics & nebulizer treatment...

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I have been punched in my manboobs before. Doesn't hurt as much. ;)

Same as polarbear for me, mom went through a phase where she refused to take her meds. She would either toss them across the room, throw them in the trash or put them in her mouth with a sip of water and then spit them right back out making them unusable. I learned to leave it alone if there was any resistance and come back in 10-15 minutes. Taking the pills with me. Happily that has all settled down. I now hand here the pills in a little cup, she puts them in her mouth, I had her another little cup of water and she swallows them. No words are exchanged. Well that's how it works 90% of the time now. The other 10% I beat a hasty retreat.
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Wow! She is still strong at 90 y.o.
When my mom refuses her meds, I just let it go or else she would toss the med and water across the room.
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