So I am bending to get my mom raised from bed. I initially felt it was a good work out. Maybe so if I stregnthen my other muscles first so my lower back does not do all the work. But until such time, I am looking for an adjustable bed. We are all under 5 ft and I have no clearance for a big bulky hospital bed. Those manual metal ones appear to have complaints regarding having to crawl under them to adjust the lever to raise the back. Anyone agree that I should probaly make something to raise the back like a piece of plywood and a hinge so I can have a smooth process of caring for my parent at home?

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My husband is bedridden and in a hospital bed provided to us at a cost of only the Medicare deductible ($135) last year. His bed is electronically controlled. There was absolutely no hassle with his supplemental insurance. The bed showed up one day. That was it. We did have to lease a lift for him because he weighs over 300 pounds, but I think if we’d had a doctor’s prescription for a lift, Medicare would have picked up part of it at least. You cannot “build” a workable hospital bed. If it malfunctions, your Loved Ine could become badly injured.

Also, caregiving is not a “fitness” experience no matter how determined you are to build yourself up. If you don’t know what you’re doing, that is, if you haven’t been shown by aides or physical therapists how to do lifting, you can pull a muscle, dislocate a shoulder, slip a disc and so on. I was trained over a week by my husband's rehab therapists in how to transfer and turn him over.

Deal with the doctors involved to see how you can be provided the equipment you will need.
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I wouldn’t recommend trying to cobble something together made of plywood...its very heavy and would be too heavy to try to lift into an upright position, especially with your mom leaning against it. Maybe you could start with a few wedge shaped or reading pillows while you’re investigating other solutions.
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rocketjcat Nov 24, 2018
Have you looked on line for inexpensive adjustable frames?
There are now adjustable beds in the marketplace with electronic controls. WouId one of these work with the knowledge if purchased outright, that once she passes, it can be repurposed in the household?. I am not sure about the 20% copay. Read the insurance policy.
My other concern is to you. If you are expressing that you could be injured while caring for her, if you are alone and this is supposed to be a 2 person manual move, you are risking your health. Once you injure your back, both will be out of commission, Think about this.
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