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Was there psychosis prior to diagnosis of dementia? Drugs are a real problem. Some have absolutely the opposite effect of the one wanted. Some will cut down on dementia caused hallucinations and make the gait and balance 1,000 times worse. Some will make the balance better and cause hallucinations. Some will make violent episodes better and some will make them worse, and I would be very careful, very cognizant of new drugs and what the reaction is to them and definitely follow up on the potential for side effects. The problem today is that with hospice, with drug prescriptions, and with just about everything else it is a "follow the money sort of thing". Most people do not know that the newest drugs pushed by the MDs get a 6% of prescription price directly into the MD pocket. People seem to think laws were passed about this some time ago. But the fact is that this is a fact. So be very careful about what drugs are prescribed, why, and what for, the expected outcome, the monitoring of the outcomes, and etc.
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Take her to a geriatric psychiatrist or geriatric doctor.
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