He receives Veteran pension, SSI, and Medicare. He also has a private pension.

I want advice, to understand the transfer of these benefits from Colorado to New Mexico, and any advice to getting it done as fast and efficient as possible.

And any advice on "Medicare Pending?"

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Bonny - what the others have posted on clearly understanding the state specificities for Medicaid is super important.

I’d like to add that the Taos -Santa Fe - Los Alamos area has a lot of very VERY well off residents and retirees and facilities can easily fill spots with private pay. There’s huge # of federal or civil service or private defense contractor retirees from Los Alamos alone that have plenty retirement income to easily private pay to live in Taos or SF as Los Alamos is kinda boring. No hate intended but if you’ve been there visually it’s astoundingly bland compared to anywhere else in NM. Finding a nicer Medicaid bed may mean going quite far from Taos. Full disclosure: I have family & in laws in the area.
Btw Rio Rancho down from Albq. is trying to be a senior retirement destination. You might want to look there for a NH.
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I believe that New Mexico and Colorado have reciprocity arrangements for Medicaid. I don't think you are talking about Medicare pending. But with dad's income I wonder about his eligibility, which may be different in New Mexico than in Colorado.. Talk with the social worker at the place he will be going they will be very helpful.
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You need to call each place and get his address changed and if direct deposit, you need to give each the new bank info. In the meantime, forwarded his mail to you if you are doing his bills. Do you mean Social Security or SS disability? Because if you mean SSI this is state funded and doesn't go over state lines.

I think you mean Medicaid pending. If so, your Dad may have to set up residency in NM before he can apply for Medicaid. Medicaid is a state program and doesn't cross state lines. Medicaid doesn't pay for ALs. Where I live, its allowed after paying privately for at least 2 yrs. Then the AL has to not met the % of Medicaid allowed. Meaning, they only allow a % of the residents to have Medicaid pay for their care. The only thing Medicaid pays for is a Nursing home. But there is a cap for income and your Dad maybe over that. You need to check with NM. If he is, see if NM recogizes the Miller trust.
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