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kilanco: is this for CNA written and skills tests, or for something different? If it's for CNA tests, I just had my tests a couple weeks ago. I passed both.

Luckily, I was able to sequester myself to study for ten days leading up to the day. I put most of my efforts into the skills test, rather than the written test as all the class's tests were really easy. For the skills, I verified with the state which skills I could be tested on, ensured I had printouts from the textbook of each possible skill, reviewed all videos constantly of those skills plus I found other agencies that posted YouTube videos.

Since I don't have access to all the stuff or people to act as residents, I pretended. I said out loud what items I would need, then I stood there and ran through the procedure in my mind. Running through the procedure reminded me of any forgotten items.

Then I physically made the motions--and this is important--I stated out loud what I was "thinking". If I practiced the back rub I would state out loud how the resident's skin looked good: no bruising, no white or red spots (signifying possible skin breakdown, and no scratches.

If I practiced the oral care, I would state out loud how the resident's gums, lips, and tongue looked good, with no red or white patches, no bleeding or cracking. All this was for the evaluator to know that I was on the lookout for those things.

If this is the type of info you're wanting and you have any questions, just let me know.
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