The company that runs my Mom's assisted living residence uses a pendant call button on a chain-style lanyard. My Mom takes it off to sleep because it gets tangled and is uncomfortable. But she has fallen in the middle of the night when she gets up to use the bathroom. I have asked for a wrist-band button, which is available from the same button manufacturer, but the company wants to charge us to buy the button. There are no charges for the pendant style. They say that all assisted living places use pendant style and my Mom should just get used to wearing it all the time. Any advice on how to encourage them to provide wrist-style buttons for those that need it?

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There's a chance wrist one can fall off, especially if not on tight enough, plus the skin can get irritated if it does not have a chance to "breathe"
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They're not saying you can't have one, they're saying they don't have one and they aren't willing to incur the cost of buying one. I imagine they have a supply of the pendant style that they have been recycling for years, going to the manufacturer for a wrist style will cost them whatever the price is for a new button, which they will pass on to you. (Not to mention that whole slippery slope when everyone else wants one too)
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SuziLew, that's a strange answer from the AL staff and also untrue, as my dad's memory care AL gives a choice of either the pendant or the wrist band (but he can't remember how to operate either one). Perhaps you can tell them you know there are ALs that provide a choice for no additional charge and that they're just being silly (in a nice way, of course). Good luck.
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