His health is declining and family has limited resources for AA living/memory care.

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Check out the VA website anyway.  I get their newsletters and there are almost always new categories of issues.     The best thing to do is contact the VA and speak with a representative to find out if any new features can help.   Family caregiving is one area that the VA has addressed more in the last few years.   It might that there are options for your family.

You can also contact the American Legion or VFW and find a branch that does help with VA qualification.   They also could offer suggestions, if any are available.

Good luck!
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As said, your only option is Medicaid in a Long Term Care facility. If he decline is such he needs skilled nursing , an AL or a MC will probably not take him because they do not have the ability to care with someone with his needs.
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Have you applied for Medicaid for him?
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