I have major pain attacks and anxiety when I get the call from my mom's ALF saying we are sending your mom out.
No issue with her getting the medical care she needs, but always major concern about any hospital stay leading to a rehab stay and then possibly the ALF not excepting her back.

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Tattoochick, I use to worry that into the future that my Dad's dementia would become much worse, then what do I do. Will there be an empty bed for him in long-term-care, or will the Assisted Living still allow him to stay. Oh my gosh, all the sleepiness nights worrying about that... no wonder I was in panic city.

I know I could have asked the Assisted Living facility what is the next step, but the manager of Dad's facility wasn't user friendly, kinda like the boss in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada".

Oh how we go through the "what ifs" and worry ourselves crazy over things that rarely happen.
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This has happened to us, earlier this year. Mom sent to hospital to get IV antibiotics for an infection. Good thing to do right. There for a few days, ready for discharge ALF would not take her back and wanted her sent to rehab until she was 100%. Hospital Dr. said she was good, they said no do to rehab she went. There for 20 days, rehab said she was good. They did do some therapy with her while she was there, but they said she was as good as she was going to be.
ALF comes in and evaluates, said she has a bedsore and can't come back. Rehab doctor said no she does not, even took her to a wound care doctor to confirm no bed sores. ALF finally after another 8 days takes her back, but makes me feel like I am putting them in a bad situation. Only fighting to get mom back there because she feels safe there and miserable at rehab. This was in Feb. 2017.

Present day, mom has a UTI (she is also a diabetic) and her sugar levels keep going low. Over weekend, ALF sends here to ER for low blood sugar. Right thing to do. Hospital admitted her to get her sugars better managed and treat UTI with IV antibiotics.
Now, I am having major panic attacks expecting the same thing to happen as last time. Not sure how to deal with it, very on edge.
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