The annuities that are in my name (rev trust) are they safe from spend down and the IRA stocks in husbands name only?


Have read 24 answers and I am convinced an attorney is imperative, however, have been able to glean some things from the comments. All in all, this is a scary situation knowing you saved for the rainy day and then find out you could be penniless just because of one persons illness. So can anyone out there add more answers . I don't need repairs could do with a new car..but if you spend on that you have less to spend on care. I am trying not to panic and I do have an attorney who drew up the trust & POA's I am just hesitating to bother him.

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Looking over the documents, consulting an attorney, all good answers. But remember, you saved for a rainy day and with medical expenses, it's raining, pouring really. So you can expect to spend savings here. But check carefully with attorney re community spouse rules.
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First, clarify are they in your name or in a Trust? Are they in his name or in a Trust? READ all your documents carefully, make a list of questions, and then call the attorney. He will bill you for his time.
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