When is the annual re-determination month for skilled nursing facility Medicaid approval?


12 months after date admitted or 12 months after notified of approval?

Many are in snf for months before notified of approval or denial. If applying in January, and notified of approval in April it is unclear which month starts the 12 month redetermination cycle for ongoing snf coverage.

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For my mom, the first recertification (which I didn't know would happen LOL) got sent to me in May of the next year for an application done in January of the year before and approved in June of the year before. The renewal was a multipage questionnaire and required supporting documentation - some of which was already submitted in the initial application but required again. Renewal due within 14 days from letter date (which was several day before the postmarked date btw). Required that months bank statements along with the previous 3 months among several other items.

For subsequent years, the renewal came in March. Again 14 day submission required & each time had a delay between date of inside letter & postmark.

Renewal ran between 24 - 30 pages. I faxed it and got a transmission report verifying receipt (done at Fed Ex office store). You might want to have a binder to set aside the items needed to make your life easier, like their annual awards letters, insurance policies face pages, etc.
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