I have to be gone for 3 weeks and leave 92 yr old mom at home. I want to find people to sleep at the house from 9pm to 8am. No real duties other than to be there in case of an emergency. Mom sleeps well all night. What should I pay for this job?

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Minimum wage, $8.25 x 11 hours, or about $90.75 per night. I assume there are day aides as well. Assisted Living for a month would be cheaper. Lots of facilities in Rockford IL area. I would ask for a one month trial half off. We got that for mom and she stayed in one for 15 months and had a real good time.
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Cathy, my Dad had a caregiver for the over-night shift but that caregiver was required to stay awake the whole time. The caregiver would watch TV or use her computer but if she heard what sounded like my Dad trying to get up, she would go to his room and ask if he needed any help.

I used a licensed Agency who charged $28 per hour weekdays [$32 per hour weekends] because I knew these caregivers were able to stay awake as that was their job, doing the over-night shift... thus they would go home and sleep sometime during the day.

My Dad was in his early 90's, so I also had another caregiver for the morning-early afternoon.... and another gal or guy for the mid-afternoon to evening shift. I didn't want Dad to be left alone as he could easily fall.
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Your mom might really enjoy a 3 week respite stay at an Assisted Living facility if you can afford it, that way she gets a holiday too.
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