Amorphous hydrogels for pressure ulcers?

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Does anybody have a particular product they recommend for healing pressure ulcers? There are too many choices on line. Hubby has places on his coccyx which have gotten sores in the past and we do our best to prevent them but I want to be ready whenever one looks like it's opening up. Reliamed and CardinalHealth Essentials are used by one of our caregivers' other clients. A lot of the ones on line have the word "silver" in the name, and I know that the caregiver has had excellent luck with something called "silvadyne" or "silverdyne" but I think that's a prescription item.

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It may be time for a wound care referral. He will be provided with prescription meds and dressings that will help with healing much faster and may save money in the long run.
Thank you! I'd forgotten--our doctor did say that he could get that.
Silver is used in infections. You could get a product called duodenum and place it on the areas.
Definitely get a wound care consult too.
Duoderm...sorry about the spelling ! Darn autocorrect!
When he was on hospice they brought duoderm dressngs. But they are supposed to stay on for a while, but he is fecally incontinent and they told us to change the dressing whenevr it got feces on it, which happened quite often. And it really seemed to hurt him when we took the dressing off & put on a new one. I got some of the hydrogel (cardinal health is the same as reliamed, I found) which is just to promote healing to keep a wound moist. And his doctor has prescribed the Silvadene now. Our caregiver agency owner has a reputation for being able to heal bedsores that nobody else has been able to heal, so I'm half trying to do my own research and half just going along with her experience (which has been spot on so far!). Thank you everybody. Shane, I'm disappointed. I was so looking forward to putting a duodenum (not sure whose!) on his butt!
My Dad is being treated by a wound care MD now on a weekly basis. He changes the treatment weekly (silver, then no silver, then honey bandage, then skin graft, etc.) Which product to use totally depends on how the wound looks each week. Seems very specialized to know which product to use. However, he frequently covers the wound with Allevyn Life bandage (waterproof and padded). One thing he is insistent upon is that no wound will ever heal if there is pressure against it. Get some bolster pillows to keep DH rolled on his side while this heals.
Thank you everyone for your advice and recommendations!
I found a colloidal silver spray in a store that had health foods and also bath items. Did not need a prescription. I don't remember the exact name of it, but if you have access to a site like Amazon you might type in "colloidal silver spray" and see if the product comes up, or ask at a health food store. As far as the fecal incontinence in that area...for my Mom I would fold up a gauze square and wedge it in between the area where the bowel movement comes from and the wound to make a barrier. This kept the wound clean too. The wound healed much faster when I gave her peanut butter toast for breakfast as there is protein in peanut butter and that helps healing. Be careful about too much protein though, as it can effect the kidneys. A couple times a day for breakfast and a snack really boosted the healing process.
I used Colloidal Silver Gel on DH's pressure sores and they started healing from day 1 - however, don't expect them to heal overnight. I recommended to a friend and her dad's ulcers also healed. (this was recommended to me by a different friend.) BTW, the Colloidal Silver was the only suggested treatment that actually worked for us.

It was recommended to me and was the only thing that worked. Personally, I purchased Silver Miracles from Amazon - $14.99 - although another brand is the Amazon preferred-recommended - I wanted it to be pure with no additives and the recommended by Amazon has Aloe in it. Both jars are 4 oz. I felt the Aloe would be taking up space better used by the colloidal silver and I have aloe already.

I followed this with a good Barrier Cream - there are many on the market but I preferred to use Peri-Guard or Selan Silver. Just apply it over the Colloidal Silver to help protect the area.

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