Am I eligible to get paid helping my mother through chemo?


I've been caring for my mother who is on disability and is undergoing chemo and radation. I have her living with me at the present cause she lives so far away out of state. I myself get Medicaid. I am a stay at home mom of 2. We are not sure if she will be living with me full time in future if her health will get any better but at the present it's getting worse. I have to do everything for her she is unable to right now. She has good and alot of bad days. Everyone tells me to look into getting paid to take care of her cause money is getting tight. Insurance has helped me with her needs if needed but cannot get help with the cash needs that we need. is there anyone I can talk to about this?



Your Medicaid insurance is based on ur income. Now Mom is living with you, her income could effect your Medicaid. I am assuming since Mom is disabled she is on Medicare and Medicaid as secondary? If so, she should not be able to use doctors out of state for her state Medicaid to pay the difference. Medicare is no problem but Medicaid is a state by state thing.
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The government has very little to offer caregivers. The majority of taxpayers do not want tax increases to pay for social programs. Medicaid has limited waivers for caregiver payment. But it is a very small amount of money and there are long waiting lists for the waivers. If your mother ca n afford to pay you, you need to get a caregiver agreement set up.
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I think a lot of this depends on the state you are in and by the sounds of it the state she is a resident of. Now the residency is going to be an issue as well depending on how long she stays with you and what is happening to her legal residence so that's something to consider. You also may need to consider your position, you said something about being on Medicaid yourself, if that is because of disability and or income you will want to consider that as well and the trade off if there is one for being paid to care for your mom and any benefits you need to be healthy enough to do that. But all of those things aside some states have programs to pay family caregivers and some don't so the agency for aging in her home state and probably the one in yours are the first placed to start probably.
Good Luck and my best to you and your mom. I hope her good days start to out number her not so good soon.
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Duron, the vast majority of grown children who are caregivers for a parent do not get paid.... unless the parent can pay you directly from their retirement fund. If that is something your Mother can do, then you would need to draw up an employment agreement.

Another option is for your Mother to apply and be accepted by Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Some States will offer payment to a grown child or relative to care for someone who is ill and/or elderly. But note, the pay would be very minimal and there are no benefits offered. Medicaid is taxpayer funded.
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