I am 61, and I undertake 4km walk daily. It is for the first time the above results have shown, previous test undergone was in Feb'2015 that was clear prior to february I have taken test in October 2014. In family history my mother was diabetic. Symptom I exhibit are stress in long muscles,some times constipation, heaviness in head,cataract is developing in left eye I do use spectacles L 2.25 R 2.0 Bi focal .Due to excessive heat I feel slight imbalance.Pl advise , I do not wish to cross border and willing to restrict food habit and regulate exercise. I do take non veg food but some times, and a 60 ml of Rum/Bacardi once in three months .Pl advise.

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It would be best if you discussed this with your doctor. It's my understanding that if you have an elevated blood sugar level take at 2 random it's pointing toward a diagnoses of diabetes. Since you have a family history, I'd definitely see the doc. Eating well balanced meals which include plenty of vegetables, low fat, low/no sugars, watch the intake of natural sugars in fruit, low carbs is good for anyone. Exercise helps and it too is good for everyone. I'm sure your doc can give you more information regarding a diagnosis and how to manage the disease. Good luck.
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mukesh12, wish we could give you an answer but hardly any of us writers here are physicians.... we are caregivers for elderly parents/spouses/siblings.

As GardenArtist had mentioned above, it is wise to address these issues with your doctors.
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First, people will come along, see your message and respond. It's only been 2 hours, and this is a Sunday in America so folks might be busy with other activities.

Second, if you haven't raised these questions with the doctor who ordered the blood work, that should be your first step.

Third, you didn't indicate if you're on meds or what other treatment might have been ordered by your doctor, or what treatment or evaluation you've gotten for the ancillary issues. More information on this would help others answer your questions.

Fourth, for the cataracts, since you have the details on your eye strengths, the issue of cataract progress and when the left eye should be operated on is one for a medical professional to answer. See an opthamologist or discuss it with the doctor who performed the exam. And discuss diabetic retinopathy with the doctor who ordered the bloodwork.

Fifth, as to food, it's a good idea to research diabetic sites, such as the American Diabetes Assn: There are diabetic recipe magazines in grocery stores, typically in the aisles next to the checkout.

You don't indicate what country you're in, so it's difficult to determine what resources you have locally. But do get answers for the technical questions from a medical professional and do your food research online.

You might also contact local hospitals to inquire whether they have diabetics support groups or classes. If so, they would be good sources for appropriate foods and exercise, as well as information on your ancillary medical issues are diabetic related or not.

There are plenty of support groups in my area, but I live in a metropolitan area and crossing a border isn't a concern. Where you live may be a significant issue in what kind of support may be available to you.

You're wise to address these issues now, but nothing can substitute for advice from your treating doctors. Good luck in your quest for information.
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I wish to get answer to my query.
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