I have Cancer and am recently widowed.

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Your profile says you r caring for Marion. Are you Marion or a 3rd party asking this question. If 3rd party how are you related to Marion. Are u her caregiver. Are there family members who feel she needs more care than she gets in her home?
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You have not provide enough info. Do you need help with your ADLs? Can you maintain your home, both costs and activity’s?

Is your home fully accessible? Can you do your own shopping?

Do you have help? How much help do you need and who is providing it?

Do you have pets? Can you properly take care of them?

Are you a fall risk?

Are you socially isolated?

who is suggesting a move? What are their reasons?

I am not one to say, move or not move, but there is a lot of missing information.
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Are you able to completely take care of your needs or have help to accomplish this in your home?
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Maybe. You have to look at several factors. Could you give some more info.
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