Am I a caregiver or a housekeeper?


Applied, interviewed and hired by an agency as caregiver. After 4 months daughter moved in, a few months later brings her elderly dog who is left no food or drink. Family hires CNAs for a.m. care. It is now 2 1/2 years and I no longer have a parking space, daily I am locked out of house by a CNA, she does leave me dirty bkfst dishes, a dirty table, recycle bin is often overflowing, trash in bathroom the same, refuses to clean his commode, does not flush fesces filled toilet. It is expected of me to clean her mess, do ALL household chores, take dog out 4 xs and feed and water him. I prepare lunch and dinner and dessert. I have told the agency and family several times. It is too much, or maybe I am just a complainer?

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I guess the CNA is from another agency?

The Visiting Nurse agency I worked for had a patient that we saw regularly. The wife was able to get a free CNA. Wife, who worked, told me the CNA would not run the vacuum or do dishes. I asked my boss about it. She told me that the CNA was for the patient. If the patient lived alone then the CNA would do those duties. But because there was someone living in the household, the CNA wasn't obligated to do those chores.

Your responsibility is to your patient. You are not responsible for daughters dog or doing dishes that she leaves. Either are the CNAs working on the other shifts. You need to make daughter aware that you are there for Mom. The care of her dog is her responsibility. If he needs to be walked, then she needs to hire someone. You need to write a note to other CNAs that you are not hired to clean up their messes. You are only responsible for the messes you make. You are a caretaker not a maid.

The agency should reiterate your contract by writing a letter listing your duties and that you r not responsible for what the other shifts leave behind. Also, thst you are not responsible to clean up other family members messes or responsible for the care of their dog.
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Good luck in finding a new position. I cannot fathom what type of agency would allow someone to bring a dog to work with them.
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Thank you all for responding. I have tried talking to agency, family of my clients and it is always the same, I am a complainer. I have never worked for an agency until this one and believe me I wont make that mistake again. It has become so out of control and I am always biting my lip. I am currently looking for another job not with an agency. Thank you all again.
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It sounds like this household needs a housekeeper. You are not it. If your agency also places housekeepers, perhaps they can send someone who is expecting that kind of work. Meanwhile, they should place you as a caregiver, or, as others have suggested, find a new agency.
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Tell the agency and ask for a new assignment, what does your contract say about your duties? If the agency will not address the issue, find a new agency.  Caregivers are in short supply, you should have no problem getting another job. Caregivers are not typically expected to deal with someone else's animal. Why do you think this CNA is so disrespectful of you?
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No, you are not just a complainer, no one has the right to treat their employees and coworkers as if they are less worthy of the respect they expect for themselves. If you are employed by an agency then you can ask for a new assignment, or just apply to work for a different agency.
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