Hi hope everyone having blessings in their FATHER is 88 years old. Until 4 months ago he used to be available to use the bathroom by himself. In February everything changed when he got sick with covid-19. After that everything went downhill. My father didn't have any of the CORONAVIRUS symptoms. For years my dad had to deal with a stomach hernia. After he got sick with the coronavirus the same hernia he had for almost 30 years grew to the size of a basketball. His hernia is pushing all his intestines so now he can't walk.
Now he has diarrhea. The doctors don't want to operate on him because he doesn't have insurance.
My father is 24 years older than my mother. My mother is 64. My mom is an extraordinary women. She lost both of her breasts due to cancer. Now my mom has Lemphidema in both arms. My mother is the one that takes care of him at home but she can't anymore, but my father doesn't have insurance so it is hard for her to do something. Nn his last hospital visit the hospital discharged him without my mom knowing, they sent him home in an ambulance. They didn't stop his DIARREA. Breaks my heart when my mom crying calling me she can't change his diaper because the mess he made is too much. I have to drive to get to the house 2 hrs away. I am a guy, I have my own issues, I have OCD, I can't see 💩...,my mom tried to put my dad in a nursing home but he got kicked out the same day he was admitted because he started screaming that he was not staying there. WE DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE .... if my father gets the surgery, he needs to I know, all his issues of him not walking and his DIARREA will disappear... I can't keep driving 2 hrs every day
My mom is sick herself with cancer I have my own ISSUES DEALING with GOD karma z BLESS EACH OF YOU

Your father has no Medicare. Like asked, has he not lived here over 5 years?
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Manny, your father is 88 and has no insurance?   Is he an immigrant who hasn't been able to be nationalized?

If so, there's not much advice we can offer b/c we don't know the laws in other countries.
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Where are you located? There are ways to get the needed surgery if you are in the right state. He should have the surgery even if there is a risk he will die. He is at risk right now.
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MJ1929 Jun 11, 2021
None of the above is a scenario that would happen in the U.S., so I'm assuming the poster is in another country.
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