I have often wondered why my Alzheimer's suffering husband seems to have trouble seeing certain things even though he had cataract surgery a few years ago.
In one of the comments someone said Alzheimer's sufferers cannot see white. I had never heard of this and would like more discussion.

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Thank you! I noticed sometimes my husband has trouble seeing. I wondered if the problem was that he could see, but just couldn't register what he was seeing. That may be part of the problem, but the white-on-white is certainly something to consider. Thank you so much.
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I just did some quick research on the Internet... apparently if a door is white and the wall around the door is white, it makes it harder for someone with Alzheimer's to see the door. Same as white mashed potatoes on a white plate.

Bathrooms done in shades of white, with a white floor, white walls and a white toilet can be particularly difficult. The toilet effectively disappears. I read if one buys a dark color toilet seat, it can make it easier to find. In the shower white grab bars on one tile are harder to find. Put a bright color rubber mat in the bottom of the bathtub.

My Mom doesn't have Alzheimer's/Dementia but she has macular generation... I gave Dad a bright red vest to wear to make it easier for Mom to see where he is.
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