Suggestions on dealing with Alzheimers and repetitive phrases?


Macular degenerative disease = "clean my glasses" 5000 times a day, or since she has blurred vision in her left eye she will swtich to "itch pill" 5000 times a day, and it used to be "jello" all day long. Any suggestions on how to deal with or deter the repetitiveness? I just sit with Mom, reassure her, put her eye drops in and give her projects to do and try to change the subject or put a kids movie on to soothe her nerves. I don't want her sedated 25/7. I want her to be alert and awake and aware of what's going on around her.

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Unfortunately, there isn't likely much more you can do. You sound like a caring person trying to do the right thing. Is there any chance you can get someone to sit with your mom more often so you can get out? Sometimes a break makes it easier to go back into the trenches and listen to the repetitive phrases. Your mom can't help it, and you know that. But you are human. I hope you can get a little relief now and then.
Take care,
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Thank you Carol Bradley Bursack for your support and advice! Hugs!!!
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