Easy going person but when it comes to bracelet making or cutting out flowers, and other activities they become very possessive and will not share the beads or paper. Would medication help or what are other suggestions?

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The Nursing Homes where I live are privately own. They do except Medicaid. I have never heard of our tax dollars paying for people being involved in activities. Residents cannot be made to do activities. If they do not want to do something they don't have too. The facility is considered their home. They can't be made to take pills, get dressed, eat, drink, bath, etc. Its against the law and considered elderly abuse.

Threepines, as said your wife has probably entered a childhood stage. My Mom did. Her face even took on a childhood effect. So its not unusual for them to be self-centered like a child. If u r there during activities, maybe suggest that she sit alone with you, like suggested. Medication will not help. And you don't want to medicate if you don't need to. There will come a time when anxiety will be a constant. Meds will be needed then.
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MEDICATION?!?! Every day I hear that whooie! It's a sad day when medication takes the place of commom sense. This "person" needs to do activities alone or seperate tables. "Activities" are just another way of charging for repeat business for money. Patients are forced to attend when they don't want to be there and/or don't even realize what the heck is going on. Facilities are paid by the number of participants, not by the choice of the patient and that's a screwed up thing. Been going on for years thanks to tax dollars.
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I doubt it would help. The broken brain kind of reverses and what you see is what you would have seen in a child - not sharing toys. Except sometimes you would insist that a child learn proper behavior or sit in time out. Those punishments aren't going to work in the dementia setting. Have plenty to go around and to replace in the event one crafter takes another crafter's item.
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