How' does an Alzheimer's patient get cataracts treated?

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My mom has diagnosed an Alzheimer for five years. Now her eye sight is getting worse since she has developed cataracts. Is anyone knows any ophthalmologist will willing to take that kind of patient. I was told by surgeon that the anesthesiologist will refuse to give a general anesthesia to the patient. For my mom situation, she would not able to sit calm so I wonder if there is any choice care. Thanks.

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I've got the same issue with my dad. He has mild to moderate dementia but is "competent". His doc recommended cataract surgery but dad refuses. He can't be forced. He's 87 and also has macular degeneration.

And the other issue to consider for dementia folks, can they do proper post op care? No rubbing eyes, schedule of drops and meds? With my dads memory the post op would be a disaster.

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