Hello, I'm seeking advice. My MIL has been in a residential facility due to her ALZ. She has been in a decline in the past few months. Today, she tried to leave the facility, and while the caretaker tried to get her back in the house, MIL pushed the caretaker, ran off, fell and injured her knee. The caretaker called us and we were at the home within 15 minutes. Once we got there, she struck me and the caretaker while my husband called 911. She's in the ER as we speak to treat her knee injuries. We live in Northern CA, about 35 minutes from Sacramento. She has about $1600/mo in SSI, and no other income. We take care of the difference between that, and what the facility is charging, plus her health insurance. We have a great seniors organization for a resource, but we could really use some help from those that have lived and still are living the battle. Thanks. You've been very helpful in the past, I need your help again.

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Thank you. She ended up staying at the ER for about five hours. During that time, she said she ran away because a high school friend (that's been dead for about 20 years) wanted to rape her. She repeated the same rape attempt story, but with different names of men she has known throughout the years, including her own son, and the entertainer Steve Harvey. It was sad. She has an appt with her primary doctor. We will ask for the UTI testing. She started a medication for agitation two months ago, and obviously, they are not working. We will be asking about a change in dosage or a different med all together. Thanks again for your help. We don't have any other family so we are on our own and doing the best we can. My husband and I are in our mid-forties and we both work full time, finding care has been hard.
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JoAnn29 Feb 2019
UTI should have been checked in the ER.

It maybe time for LTC. She probably will qualify with only getting 1600 a month. Your income does not come into it.
And also have her tested for a urinary tract infection. This is exactly how my mother behaved when she had one. If she wasn’t tested at the ER, have her tested at the facility.
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Can you ask the ER to transfer her to a psychiatric unit or Senior Behavioural health facility? She may need meds for agitation and anxiety.
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