I believe Russ has had Alzheimers for 4 to 5 years now. He is getting really bad and wondered if anyone could tell me if this means he will pass soon or has a long time yet?

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He may have a long time yet if he has no other health issues. Much depends on his age, as well. Alzheimer's is thought to start long before symptoms, so it's hard to know how long he's had the disease. In general people live with the symptoms anywhere from 8 to 20 years, so you can see that there's a large difference. I'd say he likely has quite awhile to go unless he's really in late stage dementia, but you should talk with his doctor to find out more.
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Thank you for your answer(s) always and the comfort they provide and for putting up with me. Your answer I took to heart and went to see Russ' doctor and wow ! He is no pain at all and a soldier always yet the diagnosis is: Chronic obstructive pumonary disease, peripheral vascular disease of extremities, diabetes and macular degeneration. The doctor asked quote "please consider approving any available VA benefits in order to help him improve his quality of life." and listed three telephone to call should he be of any forther assistance. Russ and I were both moved and he made a funny about all of his diagnosis' we laughed and joked but really I am crying even well i won't say but it does raise the question where are we in all of this? I want to know the truth please can someone tell me?
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Are these diagnoses in addition to Alzhiemer's? How old is Russ? Did the doctor mention anything about hospice?

I'm sure you want to know the truth, and most doctors would want to tell you the truth. But there is no "one truth" about any of those diseases, and having them combined makes giving you a prognosis even harder. The person who could give the best answer, but even it would not be perfect, is Russ's doctor. What was his answer to your question?

Is Russ being treated for COPD? Does he smoke? Is his blood sugar managed pretty well? Does he take pills for his blood pressure? There are so many factors that go into the answer you want, I doubt that anyone on this board could come very close to answering it.

I hope you are following up about the VA benefits Russ might be eligible for. However long he may have left, giving him the best quality of life he can have at this stage is the best you can do.

If the doctor did not mention hospice care, then he probably does not think Russ is in his final months.

My heart goes out to you. I know that getting a more definite prognosis would make some decisions easier to make, but often that is just not possible.
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