Would specific ADL deficits also be required? What would make a person with Alzheimer's disease eligible for a NH?

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Another thing to keep in mind, especially if mom doesn't think she needs any help.

When someone from APS or the local area agency on aging comes to assess mom's ADLs, someone (like you) should be there. Because she will showtime like nobody's business and tell them that she can shower, cook and clean just like when she was 20.

Someone needs to be there to say, yes mom, but remember when you burned the pot last week? Or ask her to show you how she cooks an egg in the presence of the assessor.
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A diagnosis, especially a new diagnosis will not require nursing home care. Or did the diagnosis take time? There are many causes of dementia. Doctor would have to prescribe a nursing home. If she has other medical issues that would also be taken into consideration for admittance.
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I believe she would need to show need for three ALS. It's on the CMS website.

Did you say you are working with her new pcp to document Need? Does she have a chronic health condition as WELL?

Are you also working on getting her qualified for Medicaid?

This is going to sound awful, but often, the best case scenario is that your parent falls, or has a sudden I onset serious condition, like a stroke.

You get them discharged from the hospital to a rehab near YOU that is also a nh that accepts Medicaid. Double good if it also has an affiliated Assisted living.

Start doing research in your area now.
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