Just reading about someone's family member who had surgery for a broken shoulder and is now disoriented/on the decline. So, how do you decide whether to have the surgery or not?

My mom is supposed to have a revision hip replacement surgery...She's been hobbling more & more...Which adds to balance issues that can lead to her falling - which opens up a whole other can of worms. I've heard how anesthesia takes such a toll on a person with Alzheimer's. Do you let the person suffer pain or....???

She's teetering on the mid to late stage threshold of Alzheimer's, in my estimation. Will know better after next week when we go to Mayo Clinic for an updated complete eval. It's been suggested I establish care with Palliative Care provider...But, I don't think they will necessarily steer me one way or another.

Family members (not immediate) would be happy to weigh in, but they aren't the ones caring for my mom. They live hours away. I'm in this alone & the plan is to keep her at home. Eventually, I anticipate bringing in professional help - but I'm worried that time will become "now" if we do the surgery.

I'm looking for some feedback, please?

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I can't speak to the ALZ issue but my mom had hip replacement surgery at age 84. She decided it was the lesser of the two evils. It was tough but she got through it.

But here, you have to weigh three issues, alz, surgery and recovery. Would your mom be able to get through post surgical theraphy?

My comment will kick this back to the top. Hopefully you'll get some more responces. This is tough. Good luck.
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Heather, I found this article on Aging Care that I hope will be helpful for you.
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