My father is almost 90-years-old and was diagnosed at moderate-to-severe Alzheimer's almost two years ago. He also has Afib, Macular degeneration, HBP, stage 3 kidney failure and hearing loss.While I can handle the repetition of questions, events in his life - sometimes, 8 times in 15 minutes - it is the loss of appetite now that worries me. He has seen the specialists for everything and say for his age, he's doing well, despite the litany of decline and medications. Out of the blue, he just says he's not hungry. He won't snack on anything, he won't finish a meal. I calculate he's at about 900 calories a day.

We've talked about him needing to eat more. He just feels full at meal time and doesn't want to eat more. He will literally take 5 bites, put his fork down and then not touch his plate again. I've switched up the variety, the finger foods-to-utensil eating, and it doesn't matter. He has lost 10 lbs in one month.

He has an appointment with his neurologist this next week, but this one scares me. The possible domino effect of his other conditions frightens me if he's not getting the nutrition he needs. It's not a deliberate or conscious act, he just hasn't the appetite. Is this common? I've heard about Alzheimer's victims not being able to eat because they forget, but this is something different.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Thanks all for your fast responses. Dad is on the B12 supplements and his BP has stayed fairly normal, but this will be mentioned to his Doctor. I admit, it's just hard to watch the decline. I read everything on Alzheimer's but seeing it unfold before you is another story. It's like he's in his own world that only hears what he wants to hear and then repeats the whole conversation again. He was once very articulate and knowledgeable, now... But many thanks for the answers and insight, it is truly appreciated.
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Yes, this is very hard when they will not eat. Hugs to you. Mom was recently placed back on Megestrol. With it I can get her to eat some but still not much.
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There is medication prescribed for this. This will increase appetite.
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Hi Gloria. Sorry about your worries with your Dad. Did his Dr do blood work? My Mom went through a period last year with loss of appetite and quite a bit of weight loss. She was given potassium supplements and B12. She was also experiencing dizziness so I mentioned to Dr that with significant 15% weight loss that maybe her meds needed adjustment. Her bp was lower than I’ve seen it for her in 10 years. Bp meds were reduced and I read online about if on 3 or more high bp meds to switch 2 to PM. These changes were made and her appetite returned. She stopped losing weight but over the years I’ve seen the decline in her appetite which is common with elderly in general I believe and more so with dementia. Good luck to you and your Dad.
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It is very common. Is part of end stage.
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