My husband has Alzheimer’s and has been wearing the Exelon patch for 4 years. What can we do if he scratches it and removes it all the time?


The nurse at the home would like to stop the patch because my husband takes it off and he is scratching it and remove it. He does have what looks like a bruise that is getting bigger. Do I take him off or insist they still put it on him.
The Doctors nurse hates to take him off because he will lose ground. How do deal with the inching and the reaction

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All excellent suggestions.

My mom, in LTC, is on the patch and would remove it. They now put it in the upper center of her back where she can't get to it.

It is really important that they get the patch consistently as they will regress in their cognitive abilities if they go off of it and it cannot be regained.

It may be that he is a "picker", if that is the case you want to find something for him to "work" that won't cause problems. My aunt was that type - we got her fancy socks, you know the kind that have lace or pom-poms, she would pick at them
off & on during the day and NOT the skin by her elbow which she had picked raw.
There is a lady at my mom's LTC that wears fancy hair scrunchies on her wrist and I've seen her "picking" at them, so it must be a common elderly behavior.
Good luck.
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I, too have been applying the Exelon Patch to my husbands back (different locations each day), and it has not created a problem and he dosen't even seem to notice that it's there. Each morning he turns around, raises his shirt and waits for it, just like clockwork. Hope this will work for you too.
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First is there a rash or redness around the current location? If so this might indicate he is allergic to the adhesive used to hold the patch on. If not I would also suggest you place it where he can't reach it. All the best to both of you.
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I use the Exelon patch on my husband and he's been on this patch for 3-4 years, now I place the patch on his back, a different spot (location) every day. He's unable to reach his back; therefore, he leaves the patch alone....would this possibly be a workable solution for your husband?
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