Dad can't seem to shake this doom and gloom vision of the world. I try to change the subject, but he rounds back to the Depression, being poor, drafted, political situations long over etc... I try to focus him on other positive notes and he'll mock it or stay with it for a minute then right back to 1935, We're not poor, we have a nice home, he lives with us and has 24 hour care by family, regular doctor appointments, eats well... Other family will talk to him and he ignores them and leaves room. Any suggestions? He's at stage 6 Alzheimer's...

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Obsessing about things is one of the major symptoms of dementia. Nothing you can say or do will get them off their obsession, no matter what it is. Chances are, your father’s mind is stuck in this time period and he is not “remembering” it, he is reliving it. You can do your best to reassure him that he is safe and that now, his life is much better. But, unfortunately, it’s like trying to collect water in a sieve. It just doesn’t work. Before I understood how fruitless it was, I tried to convince my mom that no one was stalking her, that the administration of her facility hasn’t moved the building and all it’s residents to Russia overnight, on and on. After that, I just sat silently and let her wear herself out. Sending hugs. I understand.
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