I am in the beginning stages of care giving. My grandfather had PAD surgery 2 weeks ago after having the first scheduled surgery unsuccessful due to his arteries being much worse then thought. He does have a follow up today on his right leg which is the one that was fixed and still has his left leg to be done. My question is....He says there is no improvement he can barely get around the house let alone out of the house. What if anything would be the next option? He refuses to let anyone go to his appointments with him and also only shares the info he feels won't upset anyone and with that I am not even sure if he has concerning blockage elsewhere. He has lived alone for 3 years since my Grandmother passed and has always been capable with no concerns. I go over often as my grandparents raised me so I am very close to him. I know I am not explaining things well. But he keeps the family at arms length by not giving us information and that makes me worry more so because I don't know what I am supposed to be accepting as far as his condition and prognosis and how to be understanding because I don't understand. He is a different man then he was just 2 months ago. His fire is gone. He says he isn't sure if he will even have the other one done now if tests really do show no improvement. He knows so much more then he is willing to share. I do know the risk factors and the other possible blockages elsewhere. Is this bypass the last option there was? Oh he is also 84 years old and was a heavy smoker until he quit 20 years ago. He lived in a time smoking wasnt "Bad"
Any thoughts or even experiences would be helpful. Thanks so much

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