What alternatives do I have with the rising cost of medicine?


I just watched the President last night and it seems like healthcare is not going to be solved anytime soon. I am a Caregiver for my 82 year old mother. She has some health insurance, but her prescription expenses are through the roof. Mine too - I had to give up my job to care for Mom, I don't qualify yet for Medicare and I spend over $450 a month on my own medicine. Does anyone have any thoughts as to where I can turn? I would appreciate the help.

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Go to the state Web site and look under aging services. The Family Caregiver Support Program is available in some form in all states. There should be contact information on the site.

Also, try your state insurance department. They may have some help for you.

You are right that there won't be changes soon enough to help a lot of people, no matter what is decided, so we still need to do the digging. Good luck,
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TD - I use a card which I got from a website called www.HomeInsteadRXSaver.com. I got it from the Caregiver that takes care of my father. I use it for me and my Dad. The web-site says you can save up to 65%. I save about 50% off the medications that I use. My Dad saves about 40% - most of his medications are covered. The best thing is - it is a free program. They don't collect any information. I just printed the card right from the site and a took it into my drugstore. It is a nationwide program so I can use it when I travel. Check it out. We have found it very helpful. Best of luck to you and your Mom.
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