What should I do before allowing maine care? They say a bed is only available now and we have to move fast, my mom need assisted living?


she had a stroke on the left side of the brain and does need some one there , phisically she is good but she gets confused ,right now , and need some one there i have to work im only ,46 , she is 80 , im trying to move assets around before maine care takes it all , very scary , i have to talk to them monday they want financial info .. what should i do ... ??

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You should probably consult an attorney who specializes in Elder Law, if there is a lot of money involved. Such a professional can advise you on legitimate ways to protect assets of someone applying for Medicaid (is that what Maine Care is?)

Know that in general, applicants are expected to use their own assets for their care until it is gone, and then accept tax money to supplement their income, which will be used for their care. A home and a car are exempt -- that is, they are not counted as assets, but the proceeds of sale of the house when the recipient dies may be taken by the state to repay some of the expenses.

Don't try on your own to move assets around. That will backfire and Mom may not be eligible for aid right away. See a lawyer before you fill out the Medicaid application.
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There is a 5 year look back on gifting and transfers.
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