Lately, she's been waking up in the morning with BM in her night gown, on the pad and up her back. I have tried every diaper there is, and nothing keeps it in.

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I have to date been happy with the Target brand. I am not sure how it would hold up if it really had to hold up alot.

I have thought of you this week Mid as I have been dealing with an infection to the bone after root canal. Very painful,swelling and numbness. I just imagine your courage and outlook with chemo
Hope it's as well as can be.
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Is it loose stools? When the babies in our daycare have what we call a “blow out”, it goes everywhere, including up their backs. It’s usually due to too much fiber, fruit or fluids in their diet. If it’s a normal BM, it stays in the diaper. Maybe examine her diet? Don’t serve her any food after about 4PM or so.

There really are no incontinence products that will contain a blow out. They just aren’t designed that way. You’d have to use medical tape around her legs and waist to contain it, and that would be another problem. Maybe ask her doctor why she’s having loose stools if she is.
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I think trial and error is the key, what works well for one person, doesn't work for another--just as one brand of baby diaper works well on one baby and another is a total fail for the same baby.

I know that 'going cheap' isn't worth the savings in pennies when you are cleaning poop off of all the places---how does Alice sleep? ON her back or side? Back sleepers will get fecal matter up the back of the diaper. Side sleeper, less likely.

I am kind of a novice (thank goodness) about this--others will roll out much better help. I know that layering pads underneath will help with cleanup---and trying to toilet her before bed. My mom has just begun to become occasionally fecal incontinent and I am really glad I am not the primary CG.
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