Is there any service available that would go to her house to counsel and discuss. She's blank. No alarm when got her to go to Dr and he outlined progresion of liver failure. Not senile. Can discuss other topics. Took long time to get her to go to Dr. After hospitalization for liver problem about 6 months ago, she went to treatment facility but checked herself out after 6 days.

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You can not make someone get clean & sober. The person has to do it for themselve. And like JoAnn stated "if she is competent than she can do what she whats!" Yes, it sucks watching someone killing themself and all you can do is watch! Ugh!!

Hate to say it, but Salutem is right and try to take her to a AA meeting, just maybe hearing other people talk about their problem will help her to deal with her problem. One can only hope:(

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If someone comes to her then the 'dependence' continues. She has to demonstrate that she is willing to show at least enough initiative to independently seek help, like AA which would probably be her best bet anyway. If she broke the cycle of isolation and self-medicating, she might be able to see her way over the top of the hill. The most I'd do is offer to take her to an AA meeting. It takes about six meetings before they can make an informed choice. It's worth a shot, what do you have to lose?
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You could try Office of Aging or Adult protection Services. Ask if there is someone who will talk to her. The problem is, as long as she is competent, she can do what she wants.
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