My home health aide is quitting and I am asked if I would take her on privately. Any advice?


But do I want to go the route of self-determination? Self-determination means the GOVT Agency gives me so much money and I decide who to hire and train, etc... This means reporting every single expense and basically inviting the Government that much closer into my home. I've been offered this option before but have refused it. Am I right in feeling like I may end up with too much govt interference and snooping and regulation, or am I getting carried away? Anyone have experience with this?

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I definitely respect the fact that all monies need to be accounted for. My chief concern is whether or not they will have more of a say in how I choose to care for mom with this change of guards. You hear of horror stories when the government attempts to dictate what a citizen can or cannot do and I would hate to give them an opportunity regarding mom. I know, I sound paranoid, but hey, it's not funny what can go on out there!

Yes, she is hired by a health care agency and is quitting it. I will check the contract. thank you!
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Does your home health aide work for a health care agency and she is quitting the agency? If yes, re-read the contract you had with the agency, there might be what is called a "finder's fee" if you hire the aide privately.

If the government is giving you money to help care for someone, they have a right to see the expenses involved. Don't forget, that money is what all taxpayers are paying to help those in need.
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