VA Aid & Attendance approved for spouse even though vet passed?


Aid & Attendance has started. Do u need to send cost from assisted living to them each year or contact them when the spouse has passed by sending death certificate?

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No, you do not have to update the VA every year if there are no changes but they can audit at any time. I recommend my clients retain expense and income records for five years.

Yes, you are required to notify the VA of changes in income or expenses that may effect the continuation or amount of benefits received.

In the event of the passing of a claimant or spouse the VA should be notified even though the VA will receive this information from Social Security automatically in the event of death.

If your father predeceases your mother she will have to file a new claim as surviving spouse.
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why cant mu mom qualify for this service if my parents were married for my dads entire military service
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Ralph I appreciate your time & knowledge with your answer about when to update Veterans Aid & Attendants account. You are clear & concise. I cannot express my gratitude for having the care of Aid & Attendance from dads military service for mom. It's a true gift for dads time in the service. Best to all.
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