I am the fiduciary for my Dad. Aid and Attendance money has been received for 14 months. When we met the field examiner she told me I would qualify for a year of retroactive since I had retired in 2015 for my Dad and he was diagnosed with dementia. Lost driving privileges. I am an only child so was handling many responsibilities for him. She gave me her card. I have emailed twice, called the VA and left a message for her and no response. As a caregiver and managing 2 others and my own life I have not made this a priority. Has anyone heard of this year retroactive and any experience. Can't find anything specific on VA website. I do plan on calling the VA and getting someone to work with me.

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Eligibility starts when the paperwork is received. Your eligibility to have claimed the benefit earlier does not matter. Once the claim is approved, it can be paid retroactively to the date the application was received.
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Your father should have received aid and attendance retroactive to the day VA received his paperwork for the benefit. It took 9 months for VA to process my dad's application so his first check was for the 9 months prior and the current month.
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