My 53 yr old schizophrenic brother and 84 yr old father live near me, together. My father is a bonafide hoarder. His home and car look like dumpsters. They live together in an 800 sq foot one bathroom tiny condo with 2 cats and 2 litter boxes. It smells so terrible in there I won't go in unless I have to. I insist on a cleaning lady that he will only pay for every other week (money is no object in this equation by the way). Last week she couldn't take out their garbage because the can was filled to the top with MAGGOTS. Neither of them smelled or noticed anything. My father is a wealthy retired Psychologist so try reasoning with him and his own mental illness (hoarding and alcoholism). I"m mostly concerned about the impact on my brother who I've been working w/ for 3 yrs to improve his quality of life-til my Dad moved in and created this mess. They want to keep living together but I'm starting with insisting on a larger place, my next step is increasing the cleaning lady (all of which my father will resist). He keeps saying his lifestyle is a valid choice yet he lives in abject squalor and by default drags my brother in to it. I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions welcomed.

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I would call APS.
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I will add they have no dining table to sit at so eat with trays on their laps spilling everywhere, neither of them cleans up after themselves in the kitchen , they allow food to spoil in the refrigerator for weeks while putting good food next to it and the bathroom is something out of a crime scene. It's truly something out of the show "Hoarders" yet my father defends his "how I like to live" to the end. They can barely move around through the debris everywhere and bathing is about twice a week and he's given up on having his hair cut much less shampooed. His hoarding has been lifelong but has clearly escalated as has dementia. He is committed to it but my brother stands a chance and on his own is actually much better but has decompensated in all areas around my father (yet they both want to keep living together). Again, all suggestions welcomed as I'm their only caregiver and no one will talk to my Dad about his "issues" as he is pretty intimidating (but a mess).
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