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minimom, contact the Prince William Commission on Aging
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1. Contact the local transit authority for the largest closest city in your area. Ask if they have a dial-a-ride, small bus or other point to point service. This type of transit will pick up seniors at the home and take them to a specific destination, then pick them up and return again.

2. Google Gainesville to see if there's a senior center in your city; contact it and ask if they have any senior transportation or affiliate with a larger transit company that does.

3. Google to see if there's an Area Agency on Aging, or an agency within the State of Virginia that addresses senior needs, and contact them.

4. Call the offices of the county in which Gainesville is located and ask about senior transportation.

5. There are a multitude of other point to point transit services but they're much higher, some (in my area in Michigan) as much as $40 one way, plus time to wait until it's time to return home. $80 is the minimum you'd pay.

The transit agencies and senior centers have better options.
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