Her memory is getting worse an night is hard for her.

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I've heard good things about Visiting Angels in many areas. They provide non-medical needs. The limit there is they can't do things like medicine or any medical emergency thing. But they do have sitters that can come in. I would check your local ratings of agencies before hiring anyone. These nationwide companies can be great one place and poor in another. Good luck finding a good person to help.
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NYG, that would probably fall under the category of private duty care, and there are a lot of agencies that could provide someone.

You can call the Alzheimer's Assn. and ask if they have lists of these kinds of agencies. I've found them to be very helpful and much more responsive than our Area Agency on Aging. The AA e-mails me lists within 1/2 hour; the AAA takes about a week to snail mail lists.

Then start calling the agencies, with a checklist or what you want, or make a checklist after calling a few as you'll have more ideas of what you want and need after learning what they offer.

You'll probably learn that many are franchises of nationwide companies. Some smaller ones are privately owned; I've found them more flexible and cooperative, but generally they have limited geographic areas which they serve, so their staff won't go to all the local communities.

Be prepared to provide information on your aunt's medical conditions, what you believe she needs, what her limitations are, etc. The agency will want to know this.

Then someone will come out and do an assessment, which should give both you and the agency a better idea what kind of person to send, how much it would cost, and what your aunt's needs are.
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